Squash Curry

Cooking from the garden is a great feeling. The squash in this recipe, as well as the carrot tops, were picked right from our yard. Sadly, my tomatoes are all still green so had to used canned tomatoes from the store. I am sure this is in no way a traditional or proper curry, but it was delicious and helped us reach our daily servings of vegetables!

RECIPE: Squash Curry
Makes 4 Servings

Cutting Board
Cast iron pan
Can Opener

Garlic Scape
Carrot Greens
Diced Tomatoes
Curry Powder
1/2 Cup Rice
1 Cup Water

Chop up the squash and begin cooking it first. The squash will take the longest to cook through, so its important to get it into the pan before you prepare the other ingredients.
2) Start the rice cooking in the other pot with water. For white rice, I like to do a 2:1 water to rice ratio over a gentle simmer stirring occasionally.

3) Chop up the onion and stir it into the squash.
4) Dice up the garlic scape and add it to the vegetables.
5) Cut up the carrot greens and stir those in when the squash is beginning to soften.
6) Open the can of diced tomatoes and pour it over the mixture. Season with curry powder (I’m going to find a new mix, because I’ve had better then the penzy one we have.)

7) Stir and let the vegetables simmer.
8) To serve the rice a bit fancier, I scooped and compressed it into the 1/2 cup measuring cup before plating. It was like making a sand castle, and the result was a structurally sound rice mound.
9) Serve the squash curry next to the rice right before consuming. DSCF4689


Zucchini Carrot Cake

With a thunderstorm finally cooling down the area a bit, I figured now was the perfect time to do a little baking. My husband loves carrot cake, and it also happens to be one of my least favorites. I don’t know why, but a cake full of carrots and walnuts never seemed all that delicious to me, and cream cheese frosting is usually at the bottom of my list for frostings I will eat even without a cake. This cake was an attempt to make a version of the cake he loves, that I could enjoy with him!

RECIPE: Zucchini Carrots Cake
Makes 3 Single layer cakes 

Cutting Board
Two Round Cake Pans
One square pan
Oven heated to 325 degrees
Cooling Racks

4 Eggs
10 ounces White Sugar
6 ounces  Brown Sugar
1/2 ounce Baking SodaDSCF4676
1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Ginger
Freshly Grated Nutmeg
Bourbon Vanilla
1 Lb All Purpose Flour
6 ounces Oil
Cream Cheese
10x Sugar
Bourbon Vanilla

In a mixer, beat together the eggs, brown sugar, and white sugar.
2) Mix in the cinnamon, ginger, lots of freshly grated nutmeg, baking soda, baking powder and salt.
3) Add a splash of vanilla to the mixture.
4) Alternate on adding the flour and oil until a batter is formed.
5) Grate up one carrots, and half an average sized zucchini (maybe 3 cups, I’m terrible at estimating.)
6) Stir the vegetables into the batter.
7) Oil and flour the baking pans before pouring the batter evenly into the three dishes.
8) Bake at 325 until a tooth pick comes out clean from the center of the cake. DSCF4670
9) Let the cakes cool completely on a cooling rack before removing from the round cake pans. I left the square cake in its pan in order to make it easier to bring to work.
10) Using the mixer, beat together one stick of margarine, one block of cream cheese, and enough powdered sugar and vanilla to make a light and fluffy cream cheese frosting. I found that a bit extra vanilla and a fluffy texture is more appetizing than the usual denser cream cheese frostings I have had.
11) Frost the cakes and then slice and serve! Between servings, I refrigerated the cake.IMG_3232 A moist and flavorful cake that will have your friends begging you for the recipe!

Spicy Beef Bowl

One pot meals are all the rage on many cooking and magazine websites. I like one pot meals because they require little cleaning, and its less sources of heat when its hot outside. Seriously, I cannot wait for this heat warning/advisory to go away!

RECIPE: Spicy Beef Bowl
Makes 3 Servings

Cutting Board

Ground Beef
Tomato Paste
Hot Peppers
Chili Powder
Pepper Jack Cheese
Garlic Scape
Carrot Greens
Scallion Greens

Begin cooking the ground beef in a hot cast iron pan. DSCF4575
2) Chop up the garlic scapes.
3) Pour the beer over the cooking meat, and then add garlic scapes, hot peppers, and tomato paste.
4) Stir and continue cooking while seasoning with spices.
5) Chop up the carrot greens and add them to the mixture right before servings.
6) Slice up the pepper jack cheese and serve it over the bowls of beef mixture if desired.


I have really found a love for carrot greens in my cooking. They have a unique, bold flavor that brings a freshness to dishes.


Easy French Toast

My husband pointed out to me the other morning that it has been a long long time since we had french toast for breakfast. So I figured why not whip up a batch of my super quick and easy french toast. This recipe is not the paradigm of french toast, for that I would need a good loaf of challah, but it is easy to make with whatever is lying around the house.

RECIPE: Easy French Toast
Makes 2 Servings

Baking Dish or Bowl

All Spice
Powdered Sugar

In a baking dish or bowl, beat together the two eggs with a heavy splash of milk.
2) Season the mixture with lots of cinnamon and allspice.
3) Begin heating a cast iron pan on the stove.
4) Drop a slice of bread into the mixture letting it soak up all the goodness, and then flip and let it soak a bit more.

5) Move the slice to the hot pan.
6) When it begins to brown on one side, flip it with the spatula and cook on the other.
7) Cut up the strawberries into some nice pretty attempted roses after coring them. Then give up and just do fanned slices.
8) My husband is a fan of french toast with syrup, while I much prefer it with powdered sugar. I am not saying he’s wrong, but syrup should be reserved for pancakes and waffles! DSCF4664

Bacon Jalapenos

There are some recipes I recommend you not make just because they are addictive levels of unhealthy. This is one of those recipes. I had leftover cheese from my jalapeno bites, so this recipe was born.

RECIPE: Bacon Jalapenos

Cutting Board
Oven set to 375

Banana Peppers
Cheese Mixture 


Cut the tops off the jalapenos and core them to remove the seeds. DSCF4675
2) Stuff them with some of the cheese filling.
3) Take a slice of bacon and wrap it around the jalapeno before laying it down in the pan.
4) Repeat until you have two concentric circles of bacon wrapped jalapenos.
5) If you still have more cheese mixture left, slice open the banana peppers and fill them with cheese.
6) Place the banana peppers in between the rings of bacon jalapenos.
7) Bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until the bacon crisps. DSCF4679

I would say serve and enjoy, but honestly just grab a fork and pig out!

Brownie Cupcakes

We had a working lunch at work, and one of my coworkers requested that I bring in the dessert. So I made something with chocolate and peanut butter to make the endless meeting not seem so bad. They were much appreciated, and despite there being 12 cupcakes and only 5 people at the meeting, they all disappeared during lunch!

RECIPE: Brownie Cupcakes
Makes 12 Servings

Measuring tools
Cupcake Tin
Cupcake Liners
Oven heated to 350
Cooling Rack

3/4 Cup Sugar
1/2 Stick Margarine
1/4 Cup Cocoa Powder
1 egg
1 teaspoon Vanilla
3/4 Cup Flour
1/4 Milk
1/4 teaspoon Baking Powder
1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda
Pinch of Salt
Peanut Butter
Powdered Sugar

In a bowl, cream together the margarine, sugar, egg, and vanilla.
2) Add the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt to the mixture.
3) Mix in the milk until a thick batter is formed.
4) Scoop the batter into the lined tins and bake in the oven for 15 to 25 minutes or until done.
5) Let the cupcakes cool on a cooling rack.
6) In a mixer, combine a scoop of crisco, a scoop of powdered sugar, a splash of vanilla, and a small amount of powdered sugar.

7) Beat the frosting until fluffy. Taste and adjust ingredients until nice and peanut buttery and smooth.
8) Frost the cooled peanut butter cupcakes with a thin smear. DSCF4701

Not the fanciest frosting job, but when you bike to work, fancy frosting just end up looking terrible!

Good Morning Sausage

I enjoy having a meal where everything is from scratch. Since I’m not quite to the point of making my own bacon, I thought I would start with some homemade sausage. This recipe was so much better than my last attempt. I froze it in rolls so I can slice it into patties, or thaw it and hand form patties.

RECIPE: Good Morning Sausage
Makes over 3 Lbs

Cutting Board
Wax Paper

3 Lbs Pork Butt
1 Small Onion
3/4 Tablespoon Salt
2 teaspoons dried sage
1 teaspoons Spicy Mustard
Black Pepper
1/4 Maple Syrup
2 Tablespoons Milk

Chop the 3 lbs pork butt up into cubes, and freeze for a bit to firm it up.
2) Roughly chop the onion.
3) Alternate the onion and pork butt in the grinder until you have a mixture of both.
4) Add the milk, syrup, and seasoning over the meat.
5) Use your hands to mix everything.
6) Put all the mixture through the grinder again so that the spices mix equally throughout.
7) Dived the sausage into four parts, wrapping each part in wax paper so that its a log.
8) Freeze the logs in the freezer.
9) Or grab some meat and form patties and drop it in the pan.

The patties were delicious and will go great with pretty much anything.

Zucchini Quesadilla

Isn’t it amazing how zucchini are so versatile? I like them in everything! Especially in these quesadillas. They are so vegetable heavy and wonderful.

RECIPE: Zucchini Quesadilla 

Cutting Board
Cast iron pan

Green Pepper
Cheddar Cheese

Slice the zucchini into circles.
2) Chop the green pepper into large chunks.
3) Slice up the cheese.

4) Place a tortilla in a cast iron pan. Lay the zucchini circles around the edge and the center with the green peppers.
5) Sprinkle with cheddar cheese and top with another tortilla.
6) Brown on one side, flip and cook until both sides are crisp.
7) Slice and serve with a little bowl of salsa on the side!DSCF4596

BQQ Chicken Pizza Cheat

It is hotter outside than my internal body temperature. Honestly, it is so hot it makes me want to crawl out of the south back to the nice cool northern mountains. Unfortunately, I can’t do that and must bear out the summer. This means the oven is not being turned on. The challenge is, how do you meat a pizza craving, when you can’t bake it?

RECIPE: BQQ Chicken Pizza Cheat
Makes 3 Servings

Cutting Board
Plastic Cutting Board
Cheese Grater
Cast iron pan

3 Tortillas
BBQ Sauce
Chicken Breast
Garlic Scapes
Corn on the Cob
Chili Powder
Green Pepper
Dipping Sauce

Boil some water on the stove and drop the corn into it to start cooking.
2) Cut up the chicken on a plastic cutting board and begin cooking it in a cast iron pan.

3) Wash the knife and using the wooden cutting board, cut up the onion and garlic scape. The green peppers you can slice up for a nice vegetable side for dinner. DSCF4606
4) Grate the mozzarella cheese.
5) Add BBQ sauce to the cooked chicken and stir to combine.
6) On a tortilla, use a spoon to evenly spread out some BBQ sauce. Top with mozzarella cheese, BBQ chicken, onion, and garlic scape.
7) Place the tortilla into a warm cast iron pan and cover. Let “Bake” until the cheese melts and the bottom crisps.
8) Serve immediately. For the corn, combine butter and chili powder together and then spread over the warm corn on the cob.



Jalapeno Bites

My husband is all about the spicy food. You should see the hot sauce collection that takes up half a shelf in our kitchen. So it is no surprise that he is a fan of Jalapeno Poppers or rather Stuffed Jalapenos. Usually a pepper left whole and stuffed with cheese, these appetizers are common at sports bars and brewery pubs. To me, the ratio of cheese to pepper never seemed optimal. So here is my variation.

RECIPE: Jalapeno Bites
Feeds Two for Dinner, Many for Appetizers 

Cutting Board
Cheese Grater
Baking Sheet
Oven set to 375

Cheddar Cheese
Garlic Powder
Cream Cheese
A dozen or so Jalapenos

Add 1/2 to 3/4 of the block of cream cheese to the bowl.
2) Shred 1/4 to 1/2 of a block of cheddar cheese, add to the bowl.
3) Heavily sprinkle the mixture with garlic powder, and I mean heavily!
4) Put on gloves before you start handling the peppers.
5) Cut the tops of the jalapenos, and then slice down the center. DSCF4629
6) Remove the seeds and insides.
7) Lay the pepper halves out on a tray.
8) Use the gloved hands to mix together the cheeses and garlic until completely blended.
9) With a spoon, scoop bits of the cheese mixture into each pepper.
10) Place in the oven to bake until the cheese begins to melt and brown, about 15 minutes.
11) Serve warm! Good sides to go with it include vegetables and dip, buttered bread, and large glasses of milk! DSCF4631

Above is unbaked, and below is baked!