My Pup

This is Louis. We named him after Louis Pasteur, because we are complete geeks. I figured he needed his own introduction post because he will be mentioned and pictured in many of my upcoming blog posts.


We adopted Louis last July, when he was barely a year old. We were told he was a mix of Brussels Griffon and shitzu, but I think he is just 20 lbs of feisty neediness. I love every bit of him, especially his crooked tail. His only issue is a bit of separation anxiety. He is only happy when both of his humans are home. In fact, within the first two months of having him, he ate every pair of high heals that I wore for work. I guess he thought if I didn’t have shoes, I couldn’t leave him. Now I only wear flats, and keep them out of his reach.

Louis is my constant buddy. He loves barking at the bread maker, begging for whatever I’m cooking, and eating dirt out of my garden when I’m not looking. Even as I write this blog post, he is curled up next to me on the couch.




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