Beer Review: Kona’s Koko Brown

Here it is, my first beer review.  As a heads up, I prefer lighter alcohols. I like wheat beers, Belgian style beers, ales, bocks, white wines, fruit wines, and vodka. My boyfriend drinks IPA’s and he enjoys the sour lemon face I make when trying his Russian style or Triples. However, if my followers are a fan of darker style beers, red wines, or liquor, let me know and I can try to post about those as well.

I picked a new Kona beer, because they are my favorite brewery. I was first introduced to this Hawaiian brewery about a year and a half ago by my boyfriend. He bought me one of their variety cases after I pointed out their fun bottle art and titles. Their big wave beer is amazing.


This week when we were out running errands, we came across one of their beers we hadn’t tried before, the Koko Brown.  This ale is unique in that it has toasted coconut added to it. The toasted flavor makes the ale taste like a lighter version of a porter. I am not a dark beer drinker, but I really enjoyed the flavor of the Koko Brown beer.IMG_0659

I think this beer would really compliment the sweetness of an actual coconut cake. To see if my hunch is true, I will be purchasing another six pack of this beer around my birthday for my annual coconut cake.

If you are looking for a beer that is a touch unusual without being too unique (looking at you citrus cactus beer we also got), then I would suggest checking out this beer. If you just like beer in general, check out Kona as a brewery.

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