Basic Brownies

This post is about part of the namesake of this blog. Brownies are my favorite dessert. Cookies are good, cake is fun, but brownies are the best! I use this recipe as a base for my brownies and then add lots of flavors depending on my mood. I will eventually post my butterscotch brownie recipe as well.


RECIPE: Basic Brownies
Makes 9 Servings

8 X 8 DishIMG_0677
Oven heated to 350

1 Cup Sugar
2 eggs
1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil
2 t vanilla
1/2 t Salt
1/2 t Baking Powder
1/2 Cup Flour
1/3 Cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
Chocolate Chips

The batter should be more thick than thin, similar to the consistency of the box mix.

In a mixing bowl, stir together the sugar, eggs, vanilla, and vegetable oil.
2) Grease the glass baking dish.
3) Add dry ingredients, flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, and salt.
4) Pour batter into greased pan and smooth it into all the corners.
5) Add chocolate chip or whatever toppings you want. I have so many variations that will be covered in future posts.
6)Bake 20-30 minutes, or until done.

I almost never do plain brownies, here is the batter with a sprinkle of chocolate chips across it.




When it comes to eating brownies, there are two schools of thought in my apartment. There is fully baked brownies, nicely cut, and served beautifully on the plate. This is the type of brownies worthy of bake sales and parties with friends.  The other is the brownies that are only baked half to three-quarters of the way through. This is my favorite kind of brownie. The kind that you sit on the couch and eat warm out the pan with a spoon. My boyfriend agrees, and only wants me to make brownies from the second school of thought.


Moist, delicious, chocolate brownies.

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