Poached Egg Sandwiches

I think my boyfriend is addicted to poached eggs. I offered him pancakes for breakfast, and he just looked at me with sad puppy eyes and asked for poaches eggs. I think I have created a monster. Here is another variation of the poached egg sandwiches that were in an earlier post. Hopefully, you enjoy as much as he does!



RECIPE: Poached Egg Sandwiches
Makes 2 Servings

Pot with lid

Bacon Grease
5 Slices of Ham
3 Eggs
2 English Muffins
Pepper Jack Cheese
Hot Sauce


Sometimes you just need to make it work.

1)  Melt Bacon grease in cast iron pan.

Put English muffins in toaster.
3) Heat a pan of water with a touch of salt and white vinegar over medium high heat.
4) Put ham slices in the hot cast iron pan.
5) Crack eggs into bubbling water and cover. If you don’t have a lid, a pizza pan works well too.
6) Chop pepper jack cheese into thin slices.
7) Serve open face  stacked on an English muffin with cheese, ham, eggs, and hot sauce, or serve as a sandwich on an English muffin with cheese, ham, eggs, and cracked black pepper.

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