Beer Review: Atwater’s Voodoo Vator

IMG_0940.JPGToday’s beer review is the Atwater Brewery’s Voodoo Vator. A dopplebock style lager, this beer is not light in style or for the light weight. It’s 9% alcohol by volume. I had to start writing this review before I started my second for exactly that reason.

The best way to describe the aroma of Voodoo Vator is malty and earthy. Its a sharp dark smell that makes me think of the damp dirt found under old trees. This beer is darker in taste than what I usually enjoy, but I think my boyfriend’s attempt to diversify my beer preferences are to blame. The malty flavor really coats your tongue and stays with you. I was surprised that you can actually taste a hint of alcohol, like it was a liquor instead of a beer.


I would not suggest drinking this beer with anything that is delicate in flavor. This is not a beer that you can appreciate complex food flavors while drinking. This is a heavy beer meant for heavy flavorful meals that can cut through its distinct taste.  To compliment the profile of this beer, we made a dinner of chorizo nachos. I wish I had a picture to share of those! It was a bowl of nacho chips topped with chorizo sauteed with tons of scallions and pepper jack cheese. The spicy chorizo and salty chips were strong enough to cut through the after flavor of the beer in my mouth.

I try to serve beer in their proper vessels. We own quite a variety of beer glasses just for this purpose. To be honest, I have no idea what type of glass is supposed to be used for Dopplebocks. I used a tulip glass, because I think they are fun.

For those of my readers trying to eat healthy, be warned this beer is 285 calories a bottle. Surprised me, but you are forewarned so you can plan accordingly.

Overall, I rate this beer as a “drink again”, but probably as a tasting.

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