Cucumber Stacks

We’ve eaten have been pretty carbohydrate heavy. I’m talking pizza, eating out, cake… You get the idea. So instead of making nachos for dinner, which is always a favorite in our household, we decided to drop the chips and substitute in some extra vegetables. The result was nicknamed Cucumber Stacks, if you have better name suggestions let me know in the comments.

These stacks would be good for an appetizer for a party, or a perfect meal for two. I will definitely be making these again at some point! The best part is that they are minimal ingredients, but seem fancy.

RECIPE: Cucumber Stacks 
Makes 2 Servings for dinner,
or appetizers for a small party 

Cast iron pan
Cutting Board

Hot Chorizo
Extra Sharp Cheddar
Baby GreensIMG_0971

1) Break apart chorizo in a hot cast iron pan.
2) Chop scallions and slice cucumber and cheddar cheese evenly.
3) Toss scallions in with chorizo. IMG_0973
4) On the platter, create a bed of leafy greens. Place cucumber slices down, with a slice of cheddar cheese on top of each.
5) Once chorizo and scallions are done, spoon the mixture on top of the cheese and cucumber slices.
6) Serve while warm.

The best part of these stacks is that the warm chorizo mixture softened the cheddar cheese, while the cucumber remained chill. The mix of textures and temperatures was amazing.

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