Curry Your Favor Burger

We had another burger night! Its the best kind of date night because there are no lines, no risk of bad service, and you can watch Bob’s Burgers while prepping dinner. At the grocery store, mango was on sale. This lead to the creation of  tonight’s burger: the Curry Your Favor Burger. The mango was made into a spicy curry mango sauce that made this burger unique and delicious.  I would give this burger 4 out of 5 stars, and would definitely make it again.
Check out our first burger post, the Bottoms Up Burger, for a review of how we grind our meat and prepare a more basic burger. I apologize now that we don’t really measure when it comes to our custom burgers, so these are all estimates, not exact measures.


RECIPE: Curry Your Favor Burger
Makes 2 Burgers


Sauce Ingredients!

Cast iron grill pan
Meat Grinder
Cutting Board

Frozen Beef Cubes
1/2 a Mango
Hot Curry Powder
White Wine Vinegar
Prepare beef by grinding twice at a fine setting.
2) In a blender, liquefy together half a pealed mango, about 2 t white wine vinegar, and a few shakes of curry powder. Taste and adjust depending on your preference, or number of servings needed.
3) Toast buns on heating grill pan.
4) Form patties and toss on the grill pan. Season with salt, black pepper, paprika, and cilantro.
5) Thinly slice cheddar cheese and place on bottom bun.
6) Slide on the burger patty, and top with mango curry sauce.


I love the bright color of the mango sauce. I think some mild greens like spinach or cabbage would have been a good addition to this burger. IMG_1015

Louis liked this burger night, because we accidentally ground too much meat. He got his own mini plain burger added to his food bowl. You should have seen how fast he gobbled it down.


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