Kick it up a notch: Hot Dogs

While many of my posts focus on meals that are made from scratch, I know that not everyone cooks that way. My fiance is great in the kitchen, but some days he just wants to fix us a quick lunch of simple, prepared, comfort food. This is his version of hot dogs and mac and cheese. He spent an extra five minutes on the meal by adding three new ingredients, and really kicked it up a notch in flavor and complexity. This lunch tasted nothing like a simple hot dog with mac and cheese.

RECIPE: Hot Dogs and Mac & Cheese
Makes 2 Servings


There he is, chopping up the peppers!

Cast Iron Pan
Cutting Board

Kraft Mac and Cheese (Ninja Turtle Shaped, because they are the best)
Hot Dogs
2 Poblano Peppers
Fresh Dill

Chop peppers, fresh dill, and scallions.
2) Seer hot dogs in cast iron, and then lower the heat slightly. Toss in chopped vegetables and herbs.
3) Prepare mac and cheese based on box directions.
4) Serve the hot dogs on the side, and then mix the vegetables into the mac and cheese.

Enjoy the spicy flavorful hot dog that tastes like a quality brat for a fraction of the price. The peppers in the mac and cheese bring in a surprising amount of spice. Copious amounts of water may be needed for this meal.


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