Cajun Stuffed Peppers

“I will take your most expensive food, stuffed with your second most expensive food.” “Excellent choice sir, Lobster stuffed with taco.”

If you recognize the above quote from the Simpsons, then we should be friends. I think a little bit like Homer (doh!) that having a food stuffed with something else seems fancy. These peppers are stuffed with a chicken mixture that straddles the line between Cajun and tropical. After a long day at the office and dealing with the heat, this meal will just make your stress melt away.

RECIPE: Cajun Stuffed Peppers
Makes 2 Servings

Glass dish
Cast Iron Pan
Cutting Board
Oven heated to 350


Green Pepper
Half a Mango
Lots of Scallion Greens
Cucumber (for cooking snack)
2 oz Pepper Jack Cheese
Cajun Spice Mix
Chicken Leg


Cut green pepper in half, cleaning out the inside. Place in a glass dish and microwave for about a minute before putting it in the oven. This speeds up the baking process if you don’t want too long for dinner.
IMG_10902) Cook chicken in the cast iron pan.
Munch on cucumbers while waiting.
3) Chop up mango, scallions, and pepper jack cheese.
4) Use forks to shred chicken meat off the bone. Toss back into the cast iron with the mango and scallion.
5) Season liberally with Cajun Spice Mix.
6) Remove peppers from oven when soft, fill with chicken mixture, top with cheese.
7) Put back in oven and bake until all the cheese has melted.

You won’t be hungry after these peppers, which is great because you can serve the leftover chicken filling for lunch the next day!

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