Ice Cream Crunch Topping

This is a simple recipe, but not everything needs to be complicated. Its not often that I crave ice cream (unless its homemade vanilla). However with the heat and even worse heat index, we bought a container of Neapolitan ice cream. I had to do something to elevate my bowl of ice cream. I also wanted an excuse to break out my new food processor. Here is my ice cream crunch topping.

RECIPE:  Ice Cream Crunch Topping
Makes Many Servings 

Food Processor
Cast iron pan
Ice Cream scoop
Serving Bowls

Brown Sugar
Ice Cream

1) In a food processor, finely chop walnuts and raisins together in 1:1 ratio.
2) Toss ingredients in hot cast iron pan and let them dry out a bit before tossing in a handful of brown sugar and a splash of vodka.
3) Continue stirring until brown sugar evenly coats and sticks to the crumb mixture. The vodka will evaporate as you stir but will help evenly coast the crumble and keep it crisp better than water.
4) Serve over ice cream! Preferably in a fancy glass dish.


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