Beer Review: Abita’s Strawberry Lager

It’s been a while since I have posted a beer review, but the Abita Strawberry Lager is too good not to share. This beer from their harvest series surprised me. Most strawberry beers I have had have been disgusting. No one wants to guzzle the equivalent of strawberry cough syrup labeled as beer. This strawberry lager is nothing like the others. Though I shouldn’t be surprised, given how amazing Abita’s Purple Haze beer is (within my top 2 favorite beers of all time).

IMG_1570.JPGMade with Louisiana strawberries, this 4.2% alcohol beer actually tastes like a beer. When you sniff it, it smells like a nice bright lager. There is barely a touch of sweetness to the scent that hints at strawberry. The taste is light and fresh, with a light strawberry aftertaste.  It’s perfect for dealing with the heat of summer.

I enjoyed this particular beverage with an order of sushi. The light full flavor of the beer complimented the delicious fish and sharp wasabi well. I would suggest serving this beer with foods that overwhelm it. If you are barbecuing, maybe skip the ribs and serve with burgers and chicken instead. I actually plan to have my other bottle of this lager with some delicious grilled chicken and zucchini.

If you are a fan of shandy beers during the summer, than I suggest switching to the Harvest series Strawberry Lager by Abita. Your taste buds will thank me, and you will be the hit of the party if you start passing these beers around.

If you are a little hesitant about fruity beers, I promise you that this beer is not like other fruit beers. Even my fiance, who does not like fruit beers in the least, did not hate this beer. Abita has perfected fruit beer brewing.

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