Salsa Egg Sandwhich

I love eggs with vegetables. Some mornings though you don’t feel awake enough to handle a sharp knife. This breakfast sandwich is my favorite cheat to have a flavorful breakfast without having to go near any knives sharper than a table butter knife. Hopefully next time you are sleepily fixing breakfast, you will try my recipe instead of risking a visit to the emergency room.

RECIPE: Salsa Egg Sandwhich 
Makes 2 Servings

Frying Pan
Butter Knife

4 Eggs
1/4 cup Salsa
Black Peppers
Pepper Jack Cheese
Hamburger Buns

1) Crack four eggs into a frying pan. Use a spatula to crack the yolks and stir it all together.
2) When the eggs are about half way cooked, dump in the salsa, a touch of cracked pepper, and mix it altogether.
3) Toast the hamburger buns.
4) Slice the pepper jack cheese and lay on the top bun.
5) Serve salsa eggs on the buns and close the sandwich so the cheese melts everywhere.


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