Pesto Chicken and Ravioli

I like being able to re-purpose one meal into multiple meals. The other night I made a roast chicken. That chicken was eaten for dinner, and then picked apart for lunches during the following days. But it wasn’t done then, oh no. It still had two purposes left in it. Broth and then pesto chicken to go with my homemade ravioli.

Broth is rather simple, in that you simmer the chicken carcass, leftover veggies, and a bay leaf in a big pot of water for hours. The resulting broth is pretty simple and can be customized for other dishes. I froze two large containers of broth that will be used this fall. Add some garlic and onion and it will be a great base for matzo ball soup. Add some rice, scallions, and you have a filling fall meal. But dinner can be made right away with the bits of chicken laying at the bottom of the pot among all the bones

RECIPE: Pesto Chicken and Ravioli
Makes 3 Servings


Cutting Board

Spinach Ricotta Ravioli
Italian Herb Bread

1) Pick out all the chicken from the bottom of the broth pot and reserve it on the side.
2) Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add a sprinkle or salt and oil before dumping in the frozen ravioli.
3) Chop the broccoli nice and small.
4) When the pasta is almost fully down, drain it the majority of the way, but reserve some liquid.
IMG_18075) Dump in pasta and let it steam as the pasta finished cooking and the rest of the water begins to evaporate.
6) Add chicken, stir until every is incorporated and heated.
7) Add two tablespoons of pesto and stir until everything is coated.
8) Serve warm with a slice of homemade Italian herb bread.


This dish made enough for dinner for both of us, but I had to hide the leftovers the lunch the next day.

3 thoughts on “Pesto Chicken and Ravioli

  1. This dish looks delicious!
    Homemade bread is always a wonderful compliment.
    If I were to add a grated cheese, would you recommend Parmesan?


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