Braunschweiger Spread

We have a fun game we like to play. When one of us goes to the store without the other, we try to pick up a surprise ingredient. Sometimes its a prepared food, like sriracha salsa, or its raw ingredients, like mango or okra. I really outdid myself this time, and picked up an ingredient whose label was almost completely in German. Luckily, my fiance translated the product information for the braunschweiger, and it ends up its a sausage log of pork and pork liver.

Its a precooked meat, so we decided to experiment and made a delicious spread to go on crackers for lunch one day. If you like deviled ham or your grandma’s ham loaf, you will like our Braunschweiger spread. We will probably up the horseradish ratio next time we make it, so feel free to have a heavy hand with the sauce.

RECIPE: Braunschweiger Spread
Makes 2 to 3 Servings


1/3 log of Braunschweiger
Garden greens
1/2 block of Cream Cheese
Butter Crackers IMG_1895

In a bowl, soften a block of cream cheese.
2) Mix in horseradish sauce to cream cheese, making sure to stir it until all incorporated.
3) Slice in braunschweiger, and break it down until well mixed.
4) Tear up garden greens and add to spread.
5) Serve immediately or chilled on crackers.


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