Spice is Always Nice Burgers

Some burger experts will argue that putting anything into the ground meat makes it into a meatloaf instead of a burger. I argue you can put anything into a burger as long as there isn’t eggs or breadcrumbs, cause then its actually a meatloaf. To prove them wrong, we ground herbs and spices straight into the ground meat that made even cheap meat taste world class.

RECIPE: Spice is Always Nice Burgers 
Makes 2 Servings

Kitchen Aid Mixer
Meat Grinder
Cutting Board

3 Garlic Cloves
Basil Leaves
Ground Meat
Onion Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Cheddar Cheese

1) Grind garlic, basil, parsley, greens, and meat together using the kitchen aid meat grinder.
2) Form meat into patties and cook on a grill or a cast iron pan if the heat index is over a 105 degrees. IMG_2011
3) Slice cheddar cheese and place on burgers when patties are almost done.
4) Toast hamburger buns in a toaster or under a broiler or on a grill.
5) In a bowl, mix together mayo, paprika, onion powder, and cayenne pepper.
6) Smear a bit of mayo mix on top bun, and serve the patty on the bottom.
7) Enjoy the garlic and herb flavor that this burger will deliver into your mouth.


As always, serve with fresh summer corn or another regional in season fruit or vegetable. To give you an idea, we used ground meat that came in a 5 dollar log of beef. It went from tasting like the wrong parts of the cow to upscale burger joint meat in a quick grind.

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