Pork Sriracha Burrito

I usually prefer to make tacos or nachos over burritos, but I have a lot of new cast iron that needed seasoning. You may be asking about the connection between those two statements. Pretty much, I needed to cook up a bunch of ground pork to season my new pans, because its better and more useful than bacon. Burritos are a great way to use up ground pork.  Anyway, here is my pork sriracha burrito.

RECIPE: Pork Sriracha Burrito
Makes 4 Servings

Cast Iron Pans
Cutting Board
Covered Glass Dish


Ground Pork
Minute Rice
Sriracha Salsa (Hot)
Garden Greens
Pepper Jack Cheese

1) Cook ground pork in cast iron pan.
2) Thinly chop an onion, put half the onion in the dish with the pork and the rest on the side.
3) Prepare minute rice as directed on the box using a covered glass dish and microwave.
IMG_20794) Slice cheese and chop greens.
5) Pour salsa over the rice and stir to mix. This is my cheat cheat way to make Mexican flavored rice.
6) Heat tortillas over burners, pans, or in the oven.
7) Layer tortillas with ground pork, onion, cheese, greens, and rice. Then roll it up and enjoy.


Before you roll and after you roll. The sriracha flavored rice made this burrito a non traditional Mexican style meal, but it was insanely delicious.

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