Secret Family Chocolate Pudding

Go to your pantry right now. If you see instant pudding mix, pudding snacks, or any other boxed pudding monstrosities, throw it out. Right now. I mean it. After trying this recipe you will never need to buy pudding ever again. This recipe was handed down generation to generation from my Great Nana to me. It is a secret family recipe, the basis for our infamous chocolate pudding pie. So for both our safeties, please don’t tell anyone I told you!!

RECIPE: Secret Family Chocolate Pudding 
Makes 6 Servings

Measuring Utensils

2 Cups Whole Milk
3 T Sugar
2 T Corn Starch
2 T Cocoa Powder
1 T Butter
1 t Vanilla

In a pot over medium heat, combine all the ingredients except for the vanilla.
2) Stir.
3) Keep Stirring. 
4) Don’t stop Stirring!
5) When the mixture starts thickening, add the vanilla. Keep stirring!
6) As soon as the mixture is “thick” according to my Great Nana, remove it from the heat. Pretty much you want it to be a little less than pudding thick and more than soup thick.
7) Let the pot cool a bit, and then place in the fridge. The top of the pudding will develop a top layer or skin that is the very best part of the chocolate pudding.
8) Serve with milk on the side or poured over top. img_2226

There aren’t any pictures of the pudding being served, because it was for my office. Pudding is the only way to appease coworkers sometimes. Especially if you have them working on a project over their lunch hour.

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