New Belgium Variety Pack

I haven’t done a beer review in a while, and this is not a review as much as its a rave! New Belgium is one of our favorite everyday breweries. It has been ever since we got free Fat Tire beers when flying over a fourth of July weekend. Got to love airlines when you can drink at 9 in the morning! img_2422

The new variety pack from New Belgium is unique in that it is not from their brewery along. The contents of the box are collaborations with other breweries in their area, resulting in a Fat Tire and Friends collection.

So far we have tried three of the beers in the variety pack, the Fat Funk Ale, the Fat Pale Ale, and the Sour Apple Ale. While the banana pear beer took a little getting used to, the other two were fantastic. I enjoyed the tart flavor of the Sour Apple Ale.

None of these are your usual beer, and I highly recommend you pick up the pack if you see it in your local store. I am impressed not only by the concept, but the flavors!


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