Canned Apple Sauce

The best kind of apple sauce is the kind with just apples. Nothing more, nothing less. Below is my family’s recipe for the best apple sauce. I will be cracking these jars open over the winter for a delicious breakfast side, and the best topping for latkahs.

RECIPE: Canned Apple Sauce
Makes 5 Quarts

Cutting Board
Foley Food Mill
Water Canner and Tools

1/2 Bushel Apples

1) Core and slice the apples in half. Toss in pot with a touch of water in the bottom.
2) Heat until the apples turn soft and semi mushy.
3) Put apples through the food mill to create a sauce. (Toss the left over peals into the now empty pot, and a touch more water and cinnamon, bowl for an apple juice like drink!)
4) Heat the apple sauce in a pot on low while you prep the quart jars.
5) Fill the quart jars with 1/2 inch head space and process for 25 minutes (depending on your elevation).

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