Autumn Apple Chicken Dip

I like to experiment. This one didn’t come out to bad. It was tasty and edible, but it could definitely be improved. It was a nice alternative to buffalo chicken dip, and it definitely has more of an autumn taste.

RECIPE: Autumn Apple Chicken Dip
Makes 4 Meal Servings or many Appetizer Servings

SUPPLIES NEEDED:2016-10-14-17-08-22-2
Cast iron pan
Cutting Board

Canned Chicken
Cream Cheese
Carrot Greens
Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
All Spice

Core and chop two tart apples. Put in a cast iron pan and start cooking over medium low heat.
2) Once apples are softened, chop and add a handful or two of carrot greens.
3) Drain and add the can of chicken, stirring well.
4) Sprinkle with cloves and all spice.
5) Stir in one block of cream cheese.
6) Shred the cheddar cheese and stir it in, with a little left over to melt on top if you wish.
7) Keep warm in an oven until ready to serve. 2016-10-14-17-26-14

Serve with cucumber sticks or crackers, or whatever you prefer with your dip. I liked the crackers best! Also, the spices may not given this dip the prettiest of colors, but no one can accuse this dip of being bland!

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