Breakfast Burritos

What do you do with leftover latkes? Well, you can eat them as is, or you can use them as a key component in delicious breakfast burritos! These were so filling, we didn’t have lunch until almost 3!

Breakfast Burritos
Makes 2 Servings

2 Cast Iron Pans

3 Eggs
2 Latkes
2 Tortillas
Deli Ham
Pepper Jack Cheese
Canned Peppers
Hot Sauce

 Beat together three eggs in a bowl.
2) Begin heating ham in a cast iron pan.
3) Lay tortillas in a hot pan with some pepper jack cheese crumbled across it. Remove when the bottom of the tortilla is lightly browned and the cheese is beginning to melt.
4) Lay the ham over the cheese on the tortillasdscf0290.

5) Put latkes in the pan where the ham was. Use the spatula to break apart the latkes into pieces. Add canned peppers.
6) Pour the eggs over the latkes and scramble it all together until cooked.
7) Add the eggs on top of everything in the tortillas.
8) Sprinkle with hot sauce and then roll. The rolling part can be a little hard due to the amount of filling!
9) Serve with bananas and strawberry yogurt to make it a well rounded meal. dscf0293

I swear latkes are better than hash browns when it comes to breakfast food!

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