Black Bean Burgers

These may be the best black bean burgers I’ve made. While we make some damn good meat burgers, these vegetarian burgers really held their own. They held together well and re heat well the next day. If you are doing a cook out with any vegetarian friends, this the meal to serve them!

Black Bean Burgesr 
Makes 3 Servings

Food Processor
Cast Iron Pan

1/2 Can Black Beans
3-4 Tablespoons Wheat Germ
1 Egg
3-4 Cloves Garlic
Sriracha Sauce
Hamburger Buns

 In a food processor, finely chop up the garlic cloves. Add half a can of black beans and really let it grind.
2) Add one egg and a few tablespoons of wheat germ to the black bean mixture, process it to mix.
3) Scoop out a third of the black bean mixture and form into a patty. Lightly sprinkle a touch of sea salt to either side and drop into a hot cast iron pan.
4) When one side is browned, flip and let the either side cook.
5) In a bowl, mix together the mayo and sriracha.
6) Toast the buns (if desired). Spread the sriracha mayo onto the bottom bun, then top with the black bean patty.
7) Serve with a pickle on the side!


Even in the picture, I would be hard pressed to be able to tell if that was a beef burger or a black bean burger!

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