Vegetable Soup and Dumplings

Got to make sure you get those 5 servings of vegetables a day! A full servings of this soup and you are there! Made with homemade vegetable stock, this soup would be vegan if it wasn’t for the dumplings. I also apologize for the inaccuracy of the dumpling measurements as it is very by sight texture. Hopefully, the pictures help you duplicate it!

RECIPE: Vegetable Soup and Dumplings 
Makes 6 Servings

Pot with lid
Cutting Board

Vegetable Broth
Baking Powder
dscf08421) Finely chop garlic, and add to the bottom of the pot on low heat.
2) Dice and slice 4-5 stalks of celery, 3-5 carrots (depending on size), and a 1/3 – 1/2 head of cabbage.
3) And the vegetables to the garlic and stir. My stock was frozen so at this point I add the broth and let it cook on low until all the broth was melted.
4) Season the broth of the soup as desired. The broth was so flavorful that I just added a touch of cumin to it.
5) Slowly bring the soup to a boil.

6) In a bowl, combine a scoop of flour, about a teaspoon of baking powder, and a hefty pinch of salt.
7) Crack an egg into the mixture and stir until clumpy. Slowly add a small dash of milk, and stir again until a thick batter is formed.
8) Drop the batter into the boil soup mixture. Cover, turn down slightly (so it doesn’t boil over), and let cook for 7-12 minutes.

Not the before and after of the dumplings! This dough really expands. I wouldn’t say they are left and fluffy, but they are the perfect density for a good filling dumpling.
9) Remove the lid, turn off the heat, and serve. dscf0851


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