Bowl Breakfast

During college, this was lovingly thought of as Sunday Breakfast, or rather the morning after breakfast. Doesn’t matter if it was the morning after a long night studying or a long night *cough cough* partying *cough cough*, this breakfast is great for recovery. Its a bowl breakfast, because its everything you need to recover in a bowl (cause plates are hard some mornings).

Bowl Breakfast 
Makes 2 Servings

Cast iron pan
Cast iron pot
Cutting Board
Long Spoon

Steak Seasoning
Avocado Oil
Canned Pears

1) Stick long spoon into the jar and lazily eat canned pears while preparing breakfast. Zone out at least once or twice while looking for the cutting board that is right in front of you.
2) Thinly slice the onion into long onion noodle like pieces.
3) Cook onion in a cast iron pan over medium low to low.
4) Slice the potatoes, dump into a pot, drizzle with avocado oil, stir, and cook on medium heat.

dscf08145) Eat more pears and then be sad when you realize you don’t have any more. Contemplate drinking the leftover syrup, but decide not to.
6) Chunk up mozzarella cheese.
7) Put potatoes in a bowl, top with onions and then cheese.
8) In what was the onion pan, begin frying up eggs and put over the cheese.
9) Serve as is with a big glass of milk.

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