Meatballs! and gravy

I was really in the mood for meatballs! Normally, I am all about meatball subs or meatballs with spaghetti. This time, I wasn’t really feeling in the mood for a red sauce. No cravings what so ever for tomatoes. This meal ended up being almost stroganoff in flavor, and I can honestly say adding mushrooms would have been fantastic! As is, the recipe was still pretty damn tasty. I recommend peas or green beans for a side.

RECIPE: Meatballs! and gravy
Makes 2-3 Servings

Food processor
Cast iron pan

8 oz Ground Beef
1/2 a large Onion
3 Garlic Cloves
3 Tablespoons Wheat Germ
1 Egg
Egg Noodles
Skim Milk
Worcester Sauce
Parmesan Cheese
Black Pepper

1) In a food processor, finely chop the onion and garlic. Remove half the mixture and save for later.
2) Add 8 oz of beef to the food processor and process a bit to mix.
3) Season the beef mixture with black pepper and freshly grated nutmeg. I love the nutmeg flavor with beef!
4) Add an egg and wheat germ to the food processor, mix quickly and add more wheat germ if it isn’t sticking together like meatball mixture should.
5) Heat a cast iron pan, and begin cooking the noodles in a pot as directed.

6) Using your hands, form the meat mixture into little meatballs. Place them in the heated pan.
7) When browned on one side, flip them and add the onion and garlic that you had saved for later to the pan.

DSCF09628) When the garlic and onion is cooked a bit and the meat balls are almost done, add some milk to the pan. Season with Worcester sauce and stir!
9) Let the gravy cook down a little and then add the noodles. Stir again!
10) Sprinkle with a bit of Parmesan, stir, and serve!
With all the carbs and meat, be sure to eat some vegetables with this meal!



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