Dessert Time

Sometimes you just want to make a nice dessert, but you don’t really have all the ingredients for a fancy dessert. Here is my favorite way to cheat your way to a great dessert using the leftover bits on your cabinet and fridge. The parts themselves were very tasty, and the sum of the parts was absolutely amazing.

RECIPE: Dessert Time
Makes 3-4 Servings

Muffin Tin
Oven heat to 350

Heavy Cream
Chocolate Chips
Sugar Cookie Dough


Turn the muffin tin upside down. Grease the bottom of the pan well with Crisco.
2) Place a chunk of the leftover cookie dough that’s been sitting in your freezer for a few weeks on top of the upside down muffin tin.
3) Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until done.
4) Let the cookie cups cool before slowly twisting them gently off the pan. DSCF1103
5) Take the half used container of heavy cream, pour most of it into a mixing bowl. Add a splash of vanilla. Beat on high until the heavy cream becomes whipped cream.
6) In a bowl, add the last of the jar of chocolate chips, a teaspoon full of butter, and a bit of vanilla.
7) Microwave the bowl a few seconds at a time, and then stir to combine it into a melted mixture. Add the last bit of heavy cream to the bowl and stir it in.
8) Slice the banana into pieces.

9) In the cookie bowls, scoop in some of the chocolate mixture that I like to think of as a poor man’s ganache. Top with some sliced bananas, then a big dollop of whip cream, and then a banana on top with a touch of sugar for decoration.
10) Serve, and save the extra materials to make more desserts another night.





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