Anchovy Pizza

Have you ever watched Futurama? Well, Fry, he’s one of the main characters, talks about how anchovies were his favorite pizza topping of all time. In facts, he spends a bunch of money to buy the last known container of anchovies on earth in order to make pizza for his friends. After watching the episode for the 100th millionth time, my husband and I realized that neither of us had tried anchovy pizza before. With no time like the present, we made some amazing pizza dough and created our own anchovy pizza.

RECIPE: Anchovy Pizza
Makes 3 Pizzas  

Cutting Board
Pizza Stone
Oven heated to 475
Pizza Paddle

.63 oz Garlic Olive Oil
9 oz Sour Dough Starter
1 lb 3 oz FlourDSCF1140
.25 oz Sugar
.5 Salt
8 oz Water
.75 oz Yeast
4 oz Mozzarella
Tomato Paste
Parmesan Cheese

In the mixer, combine the sour dough starter, flour, and garlic oil. Beat until combined.
2) Add the salt, sugar, water, and yeast, and beat until a dough is formed.
3) Remove the dough from the bowl, grease with a little garlic oil and place back in the bowl to let rise for 2-3 hours in a slightly warm oven (Or in a warm part of your house).
4) Dice 3-4 cloves of garlic and chop up about a 1/4 to 1/2 of an onion. Add these to a cast iron pan.
5) Add two cans of tomato paste to the onion and garlic. Use some vodka to thin it out.
6) Season the sauce with oregano, basil, sage, and a bit of paprika. DSCF1144
7) Separate the dough into three parts. Put the other two parts into bags and place in the fridge.
8) Shape your dough into the size pizza you want. Top with the tomato sauce.
9) Grate the cheese and add it over the sauce.
10) Slice a few rings of onion, and add them to the pizza.
11)  Place the anchovies on the pizza like wheel spokes, allowing for maximum anchovy per slice ratio.
12) Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese before placing in the oven.
13) Bake on the pizza stone until the crust cooks and the cheese is browned.
14) Remove from the oven, let cool for a minute, and then slice and serve.


Ends up that my husband loves anchovy pizza, I do not. Luckily, I was able to cut myself a slice or two after discovering that fact from between the anchovies.This was perhaps our best pizza dough ever! The mix of the garlic oil and sour dough starter was unbelievable.

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