Drunken Stew

This is probably one of my favorite cheats/hacks that I use for making a good meat and potato stew. Instead of defrosting some of my stock, or getting a box of broth at the store, the base for this stew is beer. Good beer, bad beer, dark beer, light beer…okay, well now I’m sounding like a Doctor Seuss Book for adults. The point is, no matter what kind of beer you have, this recipe will work. This time I used a Corona Light because we had one left over from a get together.

RECIPE: Drunken Stew 
Makes 3-4 Servings   

Cutting Board
Pot/Cast iron pan

Sausage or Brats
Baby Carrots
Mustard Powder
Garlic Powder

In a hot pan, brown and cook the sausage about half way.
2) Chop up the baby carrots and potatoes. Throw them into the pot to start cooking.
3) Pour a bottle of beer over all the vegetables.
4) Remove and chop up the sausage. Toss it back in with some mustard powder, sage, rosemary, and garlic powder. (Or whatever herbs taste good with your beer)
5) Cook the vegetables and sausage until the potatoes are soft and you start salivating based on the smell.
6) Serve hot in a bowl. It does reheat well if you have leftovers.



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