I don’t know why, but we were both in a taco bell mood. However, the cravings are not quite enough motivator to actually get me to drive to taco bell. They are even less motivating when it comes to actually spending money at a fast food establishment, especially when I could make the food better at home, for a lot less. So next time you have a taco bell craving, you should try my super easy crunch-a-dilla recipe. If you feel up to it, chicken and beans make a nice addition.

RECIPE: crunch-a-dilla
Makes 2 Servings   

Cutting Board
Cast Iron Pans

4 small flour tortillas
Cheddar Cheese
Pepper Jack Cheese
Tortilla Chips
Fire Sauce
Diced Tomatoes
Hot Peppers

DIRECTIONS: These are easy to customize, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it.
Slice the cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese into thin slices.
2) Lay a tortilla in each of the two pans on the stove.
3) Top both tortillas with the cheese of choice. On one of the tortillas, also add diced tomatoes, hot peppers, and most importantly a swirl of ranch.

DSCF12954) When the tortillas begin to brown and the cheese melts, layer a handful of tortilla chips on top of the tortilla with the tomatoes and ranch. Flip the plain cheese tortilla from the other pan on top.
5) Press down slightly with your spatula and then remove from the pan.
6) Cut the crunch-a-dilla in half and serve with dash of fire sauce on top.


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