Onion Hot Sauce

So I got curious the other night about hot sauce. We have a lot of hot sauces in our kitchen. I am talking about a shelf in our pantry and a section in our fridge dedicated just to hot sauces. There are mild ones, hot ones, vinegar ones, black bean ones, and ghost pepper ones. One of my favorite combinations is peppers and onions, but we didn’t have any onion based hot sauces.  The experiment began!

RECIPE: Onion Hot Sauce
Makes 2 Bottles 

Cutting Board
Food Processor

Half an Onion
Hot Peppers
Garlic Powder

DSCF10541) Chop the onion and begin cooking it in a pan.
2) When the onion begins to soften, pour in a few peppers and some juice from the pepper jar.
3) I was low on garlic cloves, so I added in a heavy dash of garlic powder.
4) Let it all cook until a bit on the mushy side.
5) Pour the mixture and some extra juice from the jar into the food processor.
6) Start pureeing the mixture, until its hot sauce consistency.
7) Pour into a jar and start using it!DSCF1057

It was spicy and oniony and a kick in the mouth. It was absolutely delicious, and I am surprised more aren’t onion based.

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