Coconut Macarons

I love cookies. Meringue to me is a very special kind of cookie. There is no flour  or butter in these cookies, and they definitely require more skill than the average drop dough cookie. I think I could have made the meringue a bit stiffer, but they definitely were delicious!

RECIPE: Coconut Macarons
Makes 2 dozen 

Kitchen Aid Mixer
Baking Sheet
Silicon Sheet Lining
Cooling Rack
Oven set to 300

Egg Whites
White Sugar

1) Using a scale, measure out equal parts of egg whites and white sugar.
2) In a mixer, beat egg whites until they are at soft peak stage.
3) Slowly add the sugar as you continue to beat the egg whites until they are stiff or not dried.
4) Use a spatula to slowly mix in coconut flakes until its an evenly distributed mixture.
5) Scoop the mixture onto the lined baking sheets.
6) Bake in until the cookies slightly brown around the edges.
7) Let cool completely before storing. To prevent sticking, use pieces of wax paper between the layers in the containers.


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