Bratwurst Pizza

There is nothing better than experimenting with pizza toppings! This pizza was an idea that my husband came up with, and it was executed in a quite tasty manner. With chard, cider brats, and spring onions, this pizza is a German interruption of a classic Italian dinner.

RECIPE: Bratwurst Pizza
Makes 2 Servings

Cast iron pans
Cutting Board
Cheese Grater
Can Opener
Cutting Board
Heated oven or grill

2 Bratwurst
1 Bottle Hard Cider
Spring Onion
Fresh Basil
Pizza Dough

1) In a hot cast iron pan, sear the bratwurst on both sides.
2) Lower the heat and pour 3/4 of a bottle of cider over the brats and add in a chopped up spring onion.
3) In another pan, mix together tomato paste, diced tomatoes, and the last quarter of the hard cider.
4) Season the tomato sauce with oregano, three cloves of garlic, and fresh basil. Let simmer.

5) Remove the cooked brats from the pan and slice them on a cutting board.
6) Rip the chard and drop it into the pan where the brats had been cooking, turn off the heat, and let it wilt just a little bit in the residual heat.
7) Shred the mozzarella cheese.
8) Spread out the dough for either a pizza or a cal zone.

9) Add sauce to the dough, then layer with cheese, and finally top it with the slice bratwurst, the spring onion, and the wilted chard.
10) Bake on a hot grill or in a heated oven.


I apologize for the lack of final pictures. Once these came off the grill, we just sat down and enjoyed dinner outside with the sunset. I didn’t even think about going in to grab my camera. Sorry!


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