Vegetable Sushi

Sushi is probably my husband’s favorite meal. On those rare occasions that we go out to dinner, he almost always wants sushi. Though there isn’t anyplace to buy sushi grade fish around here, there is no reason we couldn’t make vegetable sushi. This sushi really hit the spot, and made my husband very happy.

RECIPE: Vegetable Sushi
Makes Dinner for 2

Cutting Board
2 Pots
Sushi Kit

Sesame Oil
Rice Wine Vinegar
Pickle Juice
Pickled Ginger
Mustard Powder

DSCF43671) Begin cooking the rice in a pot of water, using a fork to occasionally stir.
2)  Slice the vegetables into long thin pieces.
3) Place the carrots in a pot and pour the pickle juice over them. Bring it to a simmer. This will soften the carrots and give them a quick “pickling”.
4) Scramble the eggs in a bit of sesame oil, but then let them cook omelet style so you get thin large pieces of egg that hold together.
5) When the rice is almost done, stir in some rice wine vinegar and then let it finish cooking into some nice sticky rice. Set it aside to cool.

6) We weren’t planning on eating a ton, so I laid the fillings into the bowl with the rice.
7) Mix the dry mustard with a bit of water and rice wine vinegar. Serve the ginger and wasabi on the side as well.
8) Lay the nori on the rolling mat, and spread a layer of rice thinly over it.
9) On the far side, layout the fillings of your choice.
10) Begin rolling the sushi towards you making sure to keep the roll tight and not letting any of the filling spread or fall out. DSCF4374
11) Place the roll down and use a very sharp knife to cut it into pieces.
12) Serve immediately and enjoy with your choice of dips or add-ons! DSCF4375IMG_3122

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