All Grilled!

Here is a quick post to end the weekend! While its not a recipe per say, I like to think of it as a recommendation to grill!

Grilling is more than a vehicle through which food can be cooked. Unlock the stove or oven, grills have the ability to impart flavor, just like an added ingredient. The unique flavor of the grill comes the maillard reaction of cooking foods at a high temperature, and also from the charring of parts of the surface to just carbon. This combination brings out flavors in foods that you can’t duplicate in other cooking methods. In fact, the flavors unlocked by grilling foods can seem almost like a seasoning or marinade within itself.

For this reason, I always recommend trying a food grilled as is before seasoning it or adding extra oils and sauces. One of my favorite foods during the summer, and a great add on to any dinner, is grilled squash. Just slice and grill and let your taste buds be amazed by the results.



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