Pizza Sausage

With how good the breakfast sausage turned out, how could I not also make pizza sausage? This sausage really lives up to its name and is amazing on pizza. It also tastes like it would do well with most Italian flavored dishes. Plus it definitely tastes better than the sausage at the store! And its cheaper too!

RECIPE: Pizza Sausage 
Makes 2 Pounds

Cutting Board
Freezer Bags
Wax Papper

1 Lb Pork Shoulder
1 Lb Ground Turkey
2 teaspoons fennel seed
2 teaspoons sea salt
2 teaspoons red pepper
Fresh Basil
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon Parsley
Black Pepper
3 cloves garlic
2 tablespoons Parmesan
1/2 cup Red Wine

Remove the skins from the garlic.
2) Cut the pork shoulder into cubes and then freeze.
3) Set up the grinder and grind the pork shoulder and ground turkey.
4) In between the meats, put the basil and garlic through the grinder with them.
5) In the bowl of ground meat, season with the rest of the spices, sprinkle in the cheese, and pour over the 1/2 cup of red wine.

6) Use your hands to mix the meat mixture before putting it all through the grinder a second time.
7) Separate the sausage into 1/2 lb servings and wrap in wax paper before putting in freezer bags if storing for later. It should stay fresh in the freezer for 3 months. DSCF4643
8) Put any sausage you want to use soon in a bag in the fridge. I used mine to top a sausage and cheese pizza! DSCF4656
Best sausage pizza I have ever consumed! Not sure if it was the sausage, the sour dough crust, or a combination of both, but it was an incredible pizza.


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