Fruit Leather!

So my wonderful parents got me an early birthday gift…a dehydrator! I am looking forward to all the things I will be dehydrating this summer. Drying herbs, making my own chili powder, maybe even some zucchini chips! I decided the first recipe I would try out in my new kitchen gadget would be fruit leathers.

Now since this was my first attempt, I will tell you to make the liquid thicker on each plate then I did. The flavor though came out great!

RECIPE: Fruit Leather
Makes Many Servings

Knife or strawberry corer
Food Processor
Dehydrator Trays


Wash the strawberries and blue berries thoroughly.
2) Hull the strawberries.
3) In a bowl, measure out about 700 grams of blue berries and strawberries. I only did 400, but a thicker leather would have been better which is why I am recommending almost doubling the amount.
4) Dump the fruit into the food processor and add a splash of vanilla and a teaspoon of honey.

5) Process until it is a smooth puree.
6) Use a spatula to spread it over a tray.
7) Measure out another 700 grams of bananas, blue berries, and strawberries. I did closer to 470 over two trays, and the leather was almost paper thin! So do 700 grams on a single tray.

8) Add the fruit to the processor and process until a smooth puree. With how sweet the bananas are there is no need to add the vanilla or honey to this batch.
9) Spread the mixture over a tray.
10) Place both trays in your dehydrator and follow its specific directions to dehydrate the mixture.
11) When done, let cool and then peal it right up and off. I decided to roll some into little fruit leather cigars, while the rest I did as irregular strips, similar to a fruit leather jerky or bark in look.
12) Be sure to seal in an airtight container or in the fridge, and consume it within a week. DSCF4711

Consumption of these fruit leathers was no problem! My husband all but devoured the strawberry blue berry batch in two days, and I wasn’t too far behind with the banana berry ones!

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