Jalapeno Popper Dog

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to combine jalapeno poppers and hot dogs? If you haven’t, then you have missed fantasizing about an absolutely delicious combination. I’m sad that I didn’t think of this combination earlier in the summer, because I would have been eating it weekly for the last few months!

RECIPE: Jalapeno Popper Dog
Makes 3 Servings 

Cast iron pan
Cutting Board
Baking Sheet
Oven Set to Broil
Cheese Grater

3 Hot Dogs
3 Hot Dog Buns
Garlic Powder
6 Jalapenos
Cheddar Cheese

1) In a cast iron pan, begin grilling the hot dogs. Roll the hot dogs occasionally so they cook evenly.
2) Spread butter over the inside of the hot dog buns and sprinkle heartily with garlic powder. Place on a baking sheet and slide under the broiler till the butter soaks into the bread and you see just a twinge of browning. 
Use gloves and cut the tops off the jalapenos and then slice them long ways. Remove the seeds as well.

4) Remove the hot dogs from the cast iron pan and drop the jalapenos into it. You want the jalapenos to get a bit of hot char to them to really bring out depths of flavor.
5) Place the hot dogs in the buns and lay 2 jalapeno slices on either side of each hot dog.
6) Grate cheddar cheese and sprinkle liberally over the hot dogs.
7) Put the tray back in the oven until the cheese melts under the broiler. Serve immediately.

The flavor combination of these hot dogs is out of this world! Next time, I’m going to do real garlic for the garlic bread buns, but I usually cheat and use the powder for my jalapeno poppers and wanted to stay true to that recipe. DSCF0209

Every bite has spicy jalapeno and gooey cheese! Yum!

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