Just A Nibble

So this post isn’t really a recipe. I had a very long day today, driving 2 and half hours to an all day meeting before driving back. Actually, my coworker drove because I have a firm If we leave before 6 am, I will kill us all in a fiery crash policy about work trips. It’s why my boss is fine with me traveling the night before when I have to go by myself. Because I had a long work day, my awesome husband put together a nice appetizer dinner for us!

Dinner was summer sausage, habanero mustard, strawberry pepper jelly, cream cheese, crackers, green peppers, and cashews! 

This colorful meal is a great reminder that not every dinner has to be cooked! While the habanero mustard for the summer sausage, and the strawberry pepper jelly were homemade, this dinner only required some knife work by my husband. I think my favorite part was dipping the green peppers in the mustard!

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