Beans on a Tortilla

I didn’t really want a taco, but I was wanting beans and tortillas. So I’m not really sure what to call this meal except for beans on a tortilla since that’s pretty much what it is!

RECIPE: Beans on a Tortilla 
Makes 2 Servings 

Cast iron pans
Cutting Board
Can Opener

Avocado Oil
Pinto Beans
Banana Pepper Powder
Can of pineapple for munching

1) Begin heating some avocado oil in a cast iron pan.
2) Chop the onion and add it to the cast iron pan.
3) Carefully slice the the jalapeno and remove the seeds before add it to the to the onion.
4) Open and drain the can of pinto beans. Rinse the beans in fresh water to make sure all the canned liquid is gone.

5) Pour about half the beans in with the peppers and onions and stir.
6) Season the mixture with cumin, paprika, and some banana pepper powder.
7) Heat a second cast iron pan over medium heat.
8) Once hot, heat the tortillas on each side in the pan before serving on a plate with a helping of beans on top.
9) Serve with some homemade spicy salsa over everything. DSCF0288


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