Biertreberbrot (Beer Grain Bread!)

My husband has been home brewing again, which means I have been surrounded by the delicious smell of grains. He knows to put some of the leftover grains to the side for me to bake with, and the rest get to become part of the garden compost. You may notice a few posts over the upcoming days using spent beer grains, but I wanted to post this one first! Biertreberbrot is a German style spent grain bread I read about online, and I decided to give it a shot!

RECIPE: Biertreberbrot 
Makes 2 Loaves  

Food Processor
Pastry Board or Clean Counter
Lined Baking Sheet
Cooling Rack
Cast iron pan
Oven set to 450 degrees

2 Cups White Flour
1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
1 teaspoon Sea Salt
1 teaspoon Instant Yeast
1 1/2 Cups Spent Beer Grains
2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
2 Tablespoons Butter
1 Egg
1/2 Cup Milk

1) Before you start, I recommend putting the beer grains through the food processor for just a little bit to break them into smaller pieces. This lets you keep the flavor, but not risk grains getting stuck awkwardly in your teeth.
2) In a mixer with a dough hook, combine all the ingredients in the order listed above.
3) Mix on low until a ball of dough forms.

4) If you have a kitchen aid mixer, turn the speed up to 4 (or medium if you don’t) and continue to let the dough kneed for about five minutes.
5) Turn the dough out onto a floured pastry board or counter. Kneed until the dough becomes smooth and elastic.
6) Place in a bowl and let rise for 1 hr in a warm location.
7) Divide the dough into two pieces and shape into two loaves on a lined cutting board.
8) Let the dough rise again for another hour, being sure to start heating your oven half way through the rise.
9) Place a cast iron pan on the bottom shelf of the oven, when you go to put the bread in add water the pan to create a cloud of steam.
10) Bake for 15 minutes, then lower the heat to about 400 degrees for the next 15-20 minutes.
11) Let the loaves cool before cutting and serving.


This bread has a hearty dark flavor, but a perfect amount of chewiness and a great texture. My husband decided he didn’t want the roast chicken we had planned for dinner, and just cut himself another slice of the bread! I froze the second loaf to use with a cheese fondue in the next month!

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