My Basic Sandwich

I enjoy cooking meals where there are layers of flavor playing against each other. I enjoy the science of baking and measuring out ingredients into just the right ratio. I love being challenge in the kitchen. And sometimes I just want to be basic. We all have those basic meals that are beyond simple, and yet, every time we eat them, they make us happy. For me, it is hands down this sandwich. The real secret is the bread, which my oldest friend (how has he put up with me for all these years??) shipped to me from my favorite bakery.

RECIPE: My Basic Sandwich
Makes 2 Sandwiches

Grill Tongs
Cutting Board

Chicken Breasts
Horseradish Sauce
Worcester Sauce
Good Italian Bread
Pickled Peppers

IMG_07051) Begin by grilling the chicken breasts on a nice hot grill.
2) While the chicken is grilling, thinly slice up half an onion.
3) In a bowl, mix together a scoop of  mayo, a heavy squeeze of horseradish, just enough ketchup to turn it pink, and a splash or two of worcester sauce.
4) Lay down the bread and top the bottom piece with the sliced onions in a nice single layer.
5) Let the chicken rest and then slice for the sandwiches.
6) Cover the onion with a layer of chicken and then slather heavily with the sauce.
7) Option to top it with pickles or pickled peppers.
8) Serve with canned peach on the side for the full effect.

IMG_0709The sauce is the best part of this sandwich. You want it to start dripping out the sandwich when you take a bite and having to lick off your fingers afterwards. My mouth is watering as I type this out!


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