Not your usual Oreo Truffle

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Oreo Truffles. When you search the recipes, almost all of them call for mixing crumbled Oreo cookies with a block of cream cheese. Now I have plenty of other chocolate dipped delights in my recipe collection, that I wanted to do something different for the Oreo Truffles. The result is an Oreo Truffle made with an almost butter cream like frosting.

RECIPE: Not your usual Oreo Truffle
Makes Lots

Mixer with Wire Whisk Attachment
Food processor
Cooking Scoop
Wax Paper

1/2 a Stick of Butter
10 X or Powdered Sugar
Dash of Vanilla
1 Tbs Heavy Cream
Package of Oreos
Bittersweet Chocolate Chips

IMG_08721) In a mixer, soften and beat the butter. Slowly add in powdered sugar until it become a crumbly frosting.
2) Beat in the vanilla and heavy cream until an extremely thick frosting is made.
3) In a food processor, crumble the cookies until they are a fine powder.
4) Dump the cooking crumbles into the frosting and mix them together. The result should be black like the cookies but with specks of white frosting. IMG_0874
5) Use the cookie scoop to scoop of bits of the mixture to roll into balls and place on the wax paper.
6) In a pot, begin melting a bit of the wax, and then with a spoon stir in the chocolate chips until melted and smooth and shiny!
7) Using a fork, gently dip the truffles into the chocolate.
8) Place on wax paper and chill before putting into a tin and storing in the fridge. IMG_0605

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