Beer Grain Pretzels

The best part of having a husband, who brews his own beer, is all the leftover spent beer grains. I just adore using them in all my savory cooking to impart a unique flavor profile and up the whole grains in the recipe. These pretzels go well with a nice cold beer and our homemade habanero mustard.

RECIPE: Beer Grain Pretzels
Makes 6-7 Servings

Pastry Board
Kitchen Scale
Lined Baking Sheet
Measuring Cup
Oven set to 500 degrees

10.5 ounces Water
0.33 ounces Yeast
12 ounces All Purpose Flour
4 ounces Whole Grain Pastry Flour
0.1 ounces Regular Salt
0.3 ounces Sugar
6 ounces Spent Beer Grains
8 Ounces Warm Water
1 ounce Baking Soda
Sea Salt (Pacific Grey Salt preferred)

IMG_09681) Begin by combining the 10.5 ounces water and yeast in a bowl. Let rest for a minute before adding both kinds of flour, salt, sugar, and the beer grains.
2) Mix into a dough but don’t over beat. Let rest for 30-60 minutes.
3) Use the kitchen scale to measure out chunks of dough at 5 ounces each.
4) Row each chunk of dough into a long snake and then twist into a pretzel shape.
5) Place the formed pretzels on the lined baking sheet.

6) In a measuring glass, combine the baking soda and the warm water. Brush the mixture over the pretzels.
7) Sprinkle with sea salt and bake for 8-9 minutes until golden brown.
8) Serve hot warm with mustard to dip them in! IMG_0975

The twists weren’t hard to do at all! Originally we planned on having these delicious pretzels as a light snack, but they were so good and we ate so many that it just became our dinner! I can’t tell you how they are the next day, because they disappeared fast!

I figure the spent grains and whole grain flour helps to make these hot pretzels a little healthier as well!

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