Chorizo Taco

Chorizo was on sale at the market, and I couldn’t resist picking it up. I love tacos of all kinds, so I decided to make some fancy chorizo tacos for dinner. I only used one link to make four tacos for dinner, so there were plenty of leftover chorizo links to make more meals!

RECIPE: Chorizo Taco
Makes 4 Tacos 

Cast iron pans
Cutting board

Chorizo Sausage Link
Yellow Onion
Small Flour Tortillas
Canned Jalapeno Peppers
Canned Tomatoes or Fresh if you have it
Pepper Jack Cheese

1) Remove the casing from a link of chorizo and begin browning in a cast iron pan.
2) Mince up the onion and add it to the chorizo.
3) Heat up another cast iron pan and use it to warm/toast the flour tortillas.

4) Cut up the canned tomato and slice the pepper jack cheese.
5) In a warm tortilla, fill with the hot sausage and onion mixture.
6) Top with meat mixture with canned jalapeno peppers and chopped tomatoes.
7) Lay down the 2 slices of pepper jack per taco for even cheese coverage.


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