Crunch Wrap Supreme Burger

Back in our college days, my husband and I used to do the occasional midnight taco bell run. There was nothing better than being your pajamas, watching a movie, and deciding you need a taco bell fix. Sadly, although there are multiple taco bell locations in our town, they are all so slow. We have instant regret when there are three cars in line in front of us and it still takes 30 plus minutes to get our food. So to bring back our college memories and not be disappointed, we decided to make this Crunch Wrap Supreme Burger at home.

RECIPE: Crunch Wrap Supreme Burger
Makes 2 Servings

Meat GrinderIMG_1093
Plastic Cutting Board
Cast iron pan
Metal Spatula
Cutting Board
Cheese Grater

8 ounces Beef
Pepper Powder
Cayenne Pepper
Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Large tortillas
Sour Cream
Small tortillas
Avocado Oil
Hot Sauce

Before you begin, clean your counter top well.
1)Using the meat grinder, grind up about 8 ounces of beef. Season the beef with paprika, cumin, pepper powder, cayenne pepper, and cilantro.
2) Form into beef patties and begin cooking in a hot cast iron pan.
3) When the patties are cooking, begin chopping up some onion and tomato.

4) Slice up some iceberg lettuce and shred a few ounces of cheddar cheese.
5) Lay a large tortilla down and place the burger in the center of the tortilla.
6) Place a little bit of cheddar cheese on top of the burger and then top with a tostada.
7) Top the tostada with a layer of sour cream and then onion, tomato, and lettuce.

8) Sprinkle with even more cheddar cheese and then lay a small tortilla over it.
9) Heat some avocado oil in a cast iron pan.
10) Fold the large tortilla up onto the smaller tortilla and drop folded side down into the cast iron pan so that it seals as it cooks.
11) Serve as is with the hot sauce of your choice. IMG_1108
I decided to use my friend’s homemade hot sauce, and it was an amazing match!



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