Special Bagel Egg Sandwiches

I love messing around with recipes until they end up just right. These everything bagels are just about right, and they definitely aren’t what you would be able to pick up at the grocery or the local bagel shop. These everything bagels are made with spent beer grains and topped with my own secret topping blend that includes garlic powder, salt, poppy seeds, and a few other ingredients. Maybe I will post the full recipe for the bagels next time I make them, but I had to show off how beautiful these bagels were with a basic egg sandwich.

RECIPE: Special Bagel Egg Sandwiches
Makes 3 Sandwiches

Cast iron pan
Cutting Board
Oven set to broil.

4 Eggs
Dry Dill
Special Everything Bagels
Butter Spread
Pepper Jack Cheese

IMG_12911) Crack the eggs into a bowl. Begin beating them with a fork.
2) Warm up the cast iron pan.
3) Beat in the dill, salt, pepper, and milk into the eggs until they are fluffy.
4) Don’t let the eggs sit but pour them straight into the cast iron pan and cook low and slow.
5) Slice the everything bagels in half. Butter them and slide them under the broiler. This will toast them and let the butter melt and soak through the bagels.
6) Slice the pepper jack cheese. IMG_1289
7) Scramble the eggs in the pan gently so that they stay sticking together.
8) Rinse the strawberries, because you need to have some kind of fruit with this meal!
9) Remove the bagels from the oven and place the slices of pepper jack cheese on the bottoms of the bagels.
10) Serve the eggs on top of the cheese so the combined heat from the bagel and eggs begins to soften and melt.

This bagel sandwich offered the perfect bite. If you have a crisp, buttery, and chewy bagel with slightly melted pepper jack cheese, and just the right amount of fluffy moist eggs on top.  Absolutely perfect!


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