Spicy Chicken Quesadilla

We eat a lot of hot sauce in our house. So much in fact, that last year I canned up a lot of habanero hot sauce. The hot sauce works great as a sauce on meals, but its even better for an instant sauce for chicken! Since I don’t have time to marinate meat after work, I try to cook the raw ingredients in the sauce to let it absorb as much flavor as possible. The resulting spicy chicken quesadilla is always a hit.

RECIPE: Spicy Chicken Quesadilla
Makes Enough Chicken for 6 Quesadilla 

Plastic Cutting Board
Cast iron pans
Wooden Cutting Board

1 Chicken Breast
1/2 Pint Habanero Hot Sauce
Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Green Sweet Salsa
Red Spicy Salsa

1) Begin by cutting the raw chicken breasts into small pieces while heating up a cast iron pan.
2) Drop the chicken into the cast iron pan and drench in hot sauce.

3) Stir the chicken as it cooks and season with a good few shakes of cilantro (If you don’t like cilantro because of genetics, parsley can be subbed in).
4) Slice the lay out the tortillas and then slice the cheddar cheese.
5) Spread a layer of chicken on the tortilla, and top with cheddar cheese before dropping into a hot cast iron pan.

6) Flip and let the other side brown and the cheese melt.
7) Slice in quarters and serve with your preferences of salsa. I like to do two salsa to really mix it up, though both are homemade. IMG_1725


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