All The Grains Beer Bread

The amazing thing about baking with beer grains is that they can add an amazing amount of sweetness to bread. This bread was surprisingly sweet and went great with fruit and cheese. I may pull back on the amount of grains for a more classic loaf bread for sandwiches, but I will pull out this recipe for cheese fondues and fun lunches!

RECIPE: All The Grains Beer Bread
Makes 2 Loaves

Measuring Utensils
2 Loaf Pans
425 Degree Oven
Cooling Rack
8 oz Starter
18 oz Warm Water
10 oz Whole Wheat Flour
9 oz All Purpose Flour
3.5 Oz High Gluten Flour
9 oz Spent Grains

1) Measure out the prepared sourdough starter and mix with the warm water.
2) Using a dough hook, beat in the three kinds of flour, salt, and grains.
3) Let the dough keep kneading for a bit in the mixer until elastic.

4) Let rise for 1 1/2 hours at 75 degrees.
5) Grease two loaf pans and split the dough between there.
6) Let the bread proof for a second time for 30 minutes.
7) Bake at 425 degrees until down.
8) Let cool on a rack before slicing and eating! IMG_1745

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