Eggplant Stew

This stew is just an invention of my imagination and leftovers that I needed to use up. I love nice thick stews filled with lots of vegetables. This leftover recipe will definitely need to be made from scratch next time because it was so good!

Eggplant Stew
Makes 2 Servings

Cutting Board
Cast iron pan

Garlic Rice
Half an Onion
Homemade Tomato Sauce

1) In a hot cast iron pan, begin toasting the rice.
2) Cut up the onion and garlic and add it to the pan.
3) Add about a cup of water to the pan and stir well.

4) Slice the mushrooms and eggplant and add them into the dish.
5) Stir and keep cooking.
6) Add the tomato sauce and let the rice finish cooking in the sauce and vegetable juice.
7) When the rice is done, serve up in a bowl.


This stew is so good. I love all the onion, eggplant, and mushroom cooked in the flavor tomato sauce. The rice makes it feeling and oh so satisfying.


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